North Saharan Steppe And Woodlands

The northern Saharan steppe and woodlands are in ecoregion in the desert and xeric shrublands Biome. This ecoregion stretches across North Africa, covering the coastal inland as well as the coastlines in some areas. The region has a hot and dry climate, with annual rainfall being recorded between 100 to 250 mm. The ecoregion is home to diverse landforms, from mountains, wadis (wide river beds), regs (rocky plateaus) fesh-fesh (soil plateaus), and sandy systems to mountains peaks. Acacia tree species characterize the woodland landscape, some of which are endemic to the region. Fauna includes reptile species such as horned viper and desert varan while mammal species include gazelle species, Sahara gundi, gerbil species and the four-toed jerboa. Threats to this ecoregion include poaching, overgrazing and water pollution in the region’s wetlands. The Iriki permanent hunting reserve in Mauritania is the only conservation area in this ecoregion.